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Vietnam Veterans Veteran's Room is a tribute to all Chariton County veterans for their service to our country. It begins with a list of Mexican War veterans and concludes with Desert Storm.
Hoop Skirt Chair This Hoop Skirt Chair is from the Victorian era and provided space for a ladies wide hoop skirt at the side of the chair.
Linotype Linotype machine was invented in Germany by a watch maker. It increased the producitivy of printing by allowing a line at a time to be printed instead of individual letters. This machine was used by John Y. Stewart in Brunswick from 1936 to 1993.
John Deere 'D' John Deere 'D' tractor was purchased new by Marvin A. Rice in 1935 for $1200.
Henry Jacobs' Brick Bold The Miracle Brick Mold was used by Henry Gooch in Salisbury in the early 1900's. He had a brick making plant on the Wabash Railroad right-of-way just west of the overhead bridge.
General Store A General Store was found in every town and stocked dry goods, textiles, tobacco, guns and pretty much anything else a person would need. A Post Office was also a part of a general store.
Dodge Fire Truck Dodge fire truck used in Salisbury from 1934 - 1956. It holds just a 150 gallon water tank.
Covered Wagon Covered wagon was driven by 16 year old Henry Speiser for the George Friesz family when they moved from Illinois to Chariton County in 1877.
Beauty Parlor Beauty parlor that includes items from the 1940's.
Barber Shop Replica of the early to mid 1900's including shaving mugs, mustache cups, straight blade razors

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06 August 2012


museum-collage-1The Chariton County Museum was optimized in 1956.  The first museum was in the Lincoln School, which is now the Peace Lutheran Church of downtown Salisbury.  The museum’s present location was opened in the 1970’s.  The museum is operated by a number of volunteers who help to serve educational and cultural needs, and to preserve the history of Chariton County.

The museum is made up of a number of interesting and impressive rooms that pay tribute to the noble history of Chariton County.  Among them is the Military Room which honors Veterans from the Mexican War through Desert Storm with uniforms, flags, photographs, and other memorabilia. 

The Little Dixie Room takes you back in time to the 19th century in Chariton County with vintage clothing, quilts and coverlets, and a realistic taste of a pioneer kitchen featuring some 70 or more muffin tins.  The newest to the museum is the Main Street Room.  This room offers attractions and virtual experiences of how main street use to be.  Its long and narrow laid out design gives visitors the feeling of walking down main street and visiting the local shops.  Stop by the General Store for some dry goods, or visit the Blacksmith, and see the covered wagon.  Sit down for a game of poker at the local Saloon, but be careful—the Jail and Sheriff’s office is across the street!  Afterward, you can drop your winnings off at the bank, and swing by the Barber Shop for a trim.  Other features include a printing shop, doctor’s office, one-room school, and a switchboard exchange.

museum-collage-2Our museum truly offers a unique experience to anyone.  Stop by and experience some of our unique items such as General Sterling Price’s bed; the vast collection of primitive tools including Indian artifacts, or the 1935 John Deere “D” tractor and the traveling blacksmith wagon.  Take a guided tour and learn how brooms were made, or wander around the museum on your own—lead only by your curiosity, and stopping only to take in the countless moments of enjoyment and appreciation.

The Museum is open from mid-April through mid-October.  Daily hours are 1pm to 4pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays, or by appointment.  We frequently have interactive events such as scavenger hunts, so please check our calendar for more information. 

Our Museum offers a special and memorable experience for all.  Spend time paying tribute to the veterans of our nation; show the kids the old tube radio (a lot of youngsters think this is a television!), or soak in the many historic elements that bring curiosity, memories, and appreciation to life.  Your experience at the Chariton County Museum will truly be a memorable one.

 For more information, or to schedule your visit to the Chariton County Museum please contact us below.


Donations Welcome!

We are a non-profit 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  The operation of the museum, and continued collection and preservation of the historic artifacts relies upon membership dues, financial gifts, fund-raisers, bookstore sales, and grants.  All donations are tax deductible, and are greatly appreciated.  Click below to donate.

Donations may be sent to Chariton County Historical Society at 115 E Second St., Salisbury, MO 65281. We appreciate your support of the Chariton County Historical Society & Museum.