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01 November 2012

Josie B Powell


Powell, Josie B (after2)

Josie  was born in Boone County, Indiana on February 8, 1864 one of seven children of Charles E & Sarah B DeWeese Powell.  She moved with her family to the Indian Grove area in 1875.  Josie died August 27, 1883 at the age of 19 years and is buried in Powell Cemetery near Indian Grove.

Josie's father, Charles, was married first to Lydia West and their oldest child was Sarah A. Powell.  Sarah married William M. DeWeese, the brother of Josie's mother, Sarah B DeWeese who later married Charles E. Powell after the death of his first wife, Lydia.

Josie's parents and many other relatives, including her older sister Martha E. Powell Padgett who died at 29 years of age two months after Josie, are buried in Powell Cemetery.  Cholera and typhoid fever ere present in the county in 1883 and it is possible that Josie and/or her sister, Martha, succumbed to one of these diseases.

Surnames associated with the Powells and DeWeeses at this time are Yancey, Ringer, Shoop, Joseph, Wheeler, Pitman, Ashley and Padgett.  The land on which Powell (Indian Grove) Church and Cemetery stand was owned by a M. Powell in 1876, possibly Milton, a son of Charles and Lydia West Powell and half-brother to Josie.

The base of this obelisk was removed from the ground, leveled, and the monument reset, sealed to the base and cleaned.  If you would like to 'adopt' the preservation costs of this monument to Josie Powell, please make your remittance payable to "Jacob's Ladder" Cemetery Restoration Specialists in the amount of $125 and mail to Chariton County Historical Society, P.O. Box 114, Salisbury, Missouri 65281.  Thank you.


Powell, Josie (before)


Powell, Josie B (after2)


(Before Restoration)

(After Restoration)


If you are interested in finding out more information about the adopt-a-stone project or if you would like to adopt this stone, you can do so by contacting us below.  Thank you.


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