Sunday, February 14, 2016
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McHargue Cemetery Restored! McHargue Cemetery Re-dedication ceremony Submitted by Sharon Wilkey, CCHS Volunteer The McHargue Cemetery located northeast of Salisbury was recently restored and rededicated in May of 2014.
Cal Hubbard   "I'm just a big old country boy who hated to sit on the sidelines. I wanted to be in the middle of the action."   Robert Calvin (Cal) Hubbard Cal Hubbard is the only man to be named to the College and Pro Football Halls of Fame as well as the Baseball Hall of Fame. In football he was famous as both an offensive and defensive lineman, while in baseball he made his mark as an umpire.
Chariton County Infirmary or Poor Farm
The CCHS Museum houses the slaughter axe and kettle used for rendering lard at butchering times at the Infirmary. It was quite fancy for a "poor farm" as you can see in the picture.
Sterling Price      Sterling Price was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia in 1809 to Pugh and Elizabeth Williamson Price.  He was educated at Hampden-Sidney College, and moved to Howard County, Missouri in 1831 with his father and brother, John.  Two years later they moved to Keytesville, Missouri. 

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