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23 January 2013

Bailey Cemetery


Bailey-Cemetery-looking-east (click to enlarge)

Grave Information: 

Name: Date:
Bailey, Robert L d. Oct 1 1876  age 20y 7m
Bailey, Susan R March 28 1825 - Dec 17 1890
Bausler, Infant son of JW & SM April 9 1903
Bausler, Infant son of JW & SM April 13 1901
Brown, Braxton Dec 31 1815 - July 15 1881
Croff, James C Jan 7 1849 - Feb 15 1877
Hamilton, Cora B 1888 - 1918
Hamilton, Elizabeth d. Sept 15 1872   age 47y 10m
Hamilton, Harriett d. Feb 23 1904   age 73y 7m 15d
Hamilton, J.M. d. Jan 7 1897   age 70y 11m 24d
Hamilton, Thos. R  1857 - 1928
Nickerson, Rufus K d. Nov 10 1880   age 18y 6m 8d
Pankey, Mary E d. March 10 1881   age 32y 4m 14d
Pankey, Taylor d. July 31 1881   age 4y 28d
Philpott, Margaret A d. Oct 1 1895   age 39y  9m 2d
Tudor, Amanda L d. June 6 1880   age 28 10m 2d
West E.S. Dec 21 1841 - Dec 16 1906
West. J.W. June 20 1844 - April 6 1933
Wright, Wm C d. Sept 12 1855   age 62y 4m 15d
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