Virtual Museum Walkthrough

Take a few minutes to see the different exhibits available in our museum. Be sure to come take a full tour next time you’re in town!

The veterans room houses our collection of military memorabilia.
A look at some of the veteran biographies and more war memorabilia.
A look at our collection of cookware and other household items in our Little Dixie Room.
A vintage parlor in our Little Dixie Room.
The Hutchinson Tool Room houses various antique tools, including a large collection from the Wheelwright Shop.
Our collection of antique typewriters and adding machines used throughout Chariton County in the past.
A look at the Linotype machine in our Main Street Room. This machine was first used by John Y. Stewart and last used by Larry Baxley, publisher of The Brunswicker.
A look at our Dodge Fire Truck, which was used in Salisbury from 1934 - 1956. It holds just a 150 gallon water tank.
The covered wagon in our Main Street Room was driven by 16 year old Henry Speiser for the George Friesz family when they moved from Illinois to Chariton County in 1877.
A trip back in time from telephone switchboards to cell phones.
The county jail is next door to the bank! How convenient!
A small look at some of the records we have available for the public at the Jordan R Bentley Genealogy Library
The original county probate records and early guardianship records date back to 1860.
A look at the outside of the museum. The museum encompasses four adjoining buildings, which were all built prior to 1893.
Veterans Room