Friday, May 14, 2021
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29 August 2012

Brunswick Township Cemeteries





Below is a list of cemeteries in the Brunswick Township.  Click on the cemetery link to see information about documented graves in that cemetery.




Cemetery: Date Photographed:
Allega-Cunningham Cemetery April 2014
Brush Creek Cemetery - Previously Unrecorded!! April 2014
German Cemetery October 2011
Hibler-Riley Cemetery January 2012
McAllister or Kennedy Cemetery Oct 2011 & Jan 2012
Powell Cemetery October 2011
Reno Cemetery February 2012
Riley II Cemetery February 2012
Robertson Cemetery February 2012 -- Sec 28, T54, R19

Additional Maintained Cemeteries that have been photographed

Allega Cemetery (on Iowas Rd)

Bethel Cemetery October 2011 
Brunswick City Cemetery August 2014
Hazel Ridge Cemetery September 2011
Masonic-Douglas Cemetery April 2011; 2013 
Manson-Munson Cemetery 2010 
Price-Allin Cemetery 2010 
St. Boniface Cemetery October 2011
St. Raphael Cemetery October 2011 
Zion Methodist Cemetery October 2011 



Regarding Visiting a Cemetery:

Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 214, Section 214.132.1 states "Any person who wishes to visit an abandoned family cemetery or private burying ground which is completely surrounded by privately owned land, for which no public ingress or egress is available, shall have the right to reasonable ingress or egress for the purpose of visiting such cemetery. This right of access to such cemeteries extends only to visitation during reasonable hours and only for purposes usually associated with cemetery visits."

Missouri Statutes Pertaining to Cemeteries:

Missouri Revised Statute Chapter 214, Section 214.131 states " Every person who shall knowingly destroy, mutilate, disfigure, injure or remove any tomb, monument or gravestone, or other structure placed in any abandoned family cemetery or private burying ground, or any fence, railing, or other work for the protection or ornamentation of any such cemetery or place of burial of any human being, or tomb, monument or gravestone, memento, or memorial, or other structure aforesaid, or of any lot within such cemetery is guilty of a class A misdemeanor. For the purposes of this section and subsection 1 of section 214.132, an "abandoned family cemetery" or "private burying ground" shall include those cemeteries or burying grounds which have not been deeded to the public as provided in chapter 214, and in which no body has been interred for at least twenty-five years."

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