Nannie (Walton) Tidd

Nannie (Walton) Tidd was born in Plano, Texas on February 17, 1865 where her father, Capt. Anthony Walton, was during the Civil War.
June 9, 1865 – about 900 Confederate soldiers, their families and others were being taken to Shreveport, LA on the Red River when their boat, Kentucky, hit a snag and partially sank – killing many onboard.
Capt. Walton and his oldest son perished and were never found. Mrs. Mary (Winn) Walton and 3 children survived. The Walton’s oldest daughter, 18 year old Clemmie (Clementine), made it to shore with her baby sister, Nannie’s, gown clutched in her teeth.
Nannie married Charles Plummer Tidd and they were the parents of Harry and Charley Coombs (Tidd) Cole.
Nannie was a remarkable woman.